Fraintesa is Francesca Tosin

Selle San Marco – Team Edition Saddle
2018 - going on

I had the opportunity to work on the Team edition Saddle for Selle San Marco. This saddle was a special edition only for the professional teams sponsored by Selle San Marco in Europe and Worldwide. The project has been designed to have a wide visibility from the press side and on the social network channels.

The graphic artwork
A fresh and dynamic graphic that each team could personalized with the main color of the team house so the visibility of the saddle was immediate and different from a black colored saddles market. The design is a tribute at the Pop-Art and at the Futurism movement.


Francesca Tosin is an italian designer with over 15 year of professional experience in multidisciplinary design studios where she gained a strong experience in graphic design, product design and exhibition design. She is keen to work for sportswear brands, from the very first steps in the ideation/ design phase to ready-to-sell products.

I worked in Barcelona, Spain; in Verona, Milan and Venice in Italy. Now I am located in Vienna, after years spent in Salzburg, Austria. 

I am a Team player. I enjoy the synergy created by talented people with different skills that work all together to achieve One result: the sum is greater than the part.

Believe in

O fuoco o niente

Born: 25 July 1983
in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy
Always in for

Art exhibitions, outdoor sports, good food and wines, books & magazines.
Italian, European citizien