Fraintesa is Francesca Tosin

Exhibit Design
Spatial Skill I
2007— 2017

Year by year, Design Studio by Design Studio, I had the honor to work in different spatial projects like motor hospitality, temporary stores, windows exhibit, fair stands, shops, corners in shopping mall. Any experience was different by the Brand the project was, the Team I work with, and by the challenge there was behind the project. Many of the project I worked for were stopped at the concept phase but many of them were realised, in Italy and Europe and Worldwide. I choose to publish only some of them. If we are lucky to talk about that I will be glad to show the whole gallery.

Dainese DMobile 
Motor hospitality; Exhibit design project

Exhibit Design projects
Selection of some exhibit projects I designed w/ Change Design studio and w/ Studio Caputo for Dainese, Italia Independent, Pirelli, Gruppo Percassi and Pitti Immagine


Francesca Tosin is an italian designer with over 15 year of professional experience in multidisciplinary design studios where she gained a strong experience in graphic design, product design and exhibition design. She is keen to work for sportswear brands, from the very first steps in the ideation/ design phase to ready-to-sell products.

I worked in Barcelona, Spain; in Verona, Milan and Venice in Italy. Now I am located in Vienna, after years spent in Salzburg, Austria. 

I am a Team player. I enjoy the synergy created by talented people with different skills that work all together to achieve One result: the sum is greater than the part.

Believe in

O fuoco o niente

Born: 25 July 1983
in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy
Always in for

Art exhibitions, outdoor sports, good food and wines, books & magazines.
Italian, European citizien